January 31, 2008

...i. e. truth

it is neither technique nor the instrument you use
that makes a work of art become ART.
(picture: the coffee shop's wall at MAGASIN 3, Stockholm)

January 30, 2008

photographing lars-erik

what's important to you?
(you asked)
...just feel the presence
of that friendly gestalt.

That means a lot to me
independent on the details,
colors or shapes.
I just want to capture an image
... a timeless image.

January 24, 2008

patterns—casa cor in stockholm

interior design
innovation—I just heard that innovation
is individual and never a company's.
I think that's right, a group tends to
be conservativ and avoid risks and
therefore never innovates.


The digital forms and expressions
inspire my present artwork.
I become inspired of what ever happen to me
—a conversation, a meeting with a person,
a relationship, the media in general,
a city, an exhibition, everything.
I have an insatiable curiosity that makes me
think pictures everywhere I go or am.
If I have my camera with me, I would take a picture,
if not, I would write my thoughts down
and sketch what I would do next.
What I would use as material/media for expressing my self
is less important
The important thing is that I need to express an idea
and that I want other to see it and hopefully,
get in touch with and related to what—the artwork I have done,
has to tell them.
I want to communicate.

January 22, 2008

sources of inspiration


to learn to see behind the surface
how the parts interact with each other
to find the most simple structure
that put them together,
where they find their place
and signification.
I think of that when I design
I want to go to the main source,
to the basics, to the start point ...

January 19, 2008

... a smile in the morning

I found a letter from you this morning
when I opened the mailbox,
and I smiled
I felt happy
because your letter reminded me
nice and wonderful moments
and a perfect and short parenthesis of joy.

I found this picture of tulips
that I had by the kitchen’s window
that express the joy I felt when I read you letter

January 17, 2008

photographing "street" with juliana

Juliana called me to ask me if I could go with her and take pictures to an event at STREET a place with restaurants and coffee-shops by the water in Stockholm (Södermalm). It was so nice!
We had dinner, got a lot of drinks and we took pictures of the catwalk.
It was the first time I photographed a catwalk: I understood the Japanese with theirs cameras running around europe. If I hadn't had a camera the show had just disappeared in a wink—they don't walk they run, so it was a cat-run (really).

pages from the past

Many years ago i started drawing where ever i went to instead of using my camera. The camera made me in a way stay outside reality. I was behind the lenses watching the life passing by and I was absent.
With my pencils, water colors and my pen i was able to feel the atmosphere, the forms, the shades of nature in another way.
When I now go back to those diary-books I'm able to recall the feelings of that moments in a more human way. The sketches are not a perfect reflection of a place or people but my own perception of a moment.

January 13, 2008

my home

I woke up this morning with this song in my mind—probably because i was talking about the pictures I took of my apartment yesterday.
Sun is shining this morning and the room is very bright not quite cozy as in the song but nice.

"I'll light the fire
You place the flowers in the vase
That you bought today
Staring at the fire
For hours and hours
While I listen to you play your love songs
All night long for me
Only for me

/ C Cmaj7 / Am C / F C F - / 1st, 2nd / F C F G /
/ F G C C/B / Am C F Ab /

Come to me now
And rest your head for just five minutes
Everything is done
Such a cozy room
The windows are illuminated
By the evening sunshine through them
Fiery gems for you
Only for you

Our house, is a very, very, very fine house
With two cats in the yard
Life used to be so hard
Now everything is easy 'cause of you

/ C C/B Am C / F C / / F C F (G) /"

(Lyrics and cords: Graham Nash)

January 11, 2008

photographing a dancer

...the task was to get as many pictures i could take in order to have material for my artistry. I have since a while, had in mind the words floating and flying and that was I told my model. I needed him to translate the words in movements that I could catch with my camera and then, aloud the images to tell me what they mean in order to go deeper in my own mind to se them as an artwork. I like the forms to talk to me, that start the process of creation both in form, colors and words, like the ones I wrote for one of the images:

i felt like flying again,
like living in a joyful weightless state
my mind, gone to another world
where there is nothing more
you and i

January 9, 2008

much ado about nothing...

I went once to downtown before Christmas
I wouldn't do any Christmas' shopping
so i walked around like in a bubble, but I saw
and felt the stress of the people trying
to get things for people they knew and probably,
to many, that they not even feel like given a present to,
but, don't you always do things not because you feel like it
but because life is compromising all the time?
The rush for catching an idea or a moment that
supposed to be like an image on a card:
The image of happiness?
I went the day before yesterday back to down town
and the people I saw, had a different pace,
a different expression on theirs faces
and the shop-windows are now almost empty,
only one thing remains: the word SALE
in different languages of course,
after all we are in Europe.

January 4, 2008

a card from hungary

(lovely to get a card like this, thanks Itsván)

1. use public transportation more often (why not a bike?)
2. skydive (if you close your eyes so...)
3. take quite walks on the beach (love it!)
4. body build (please don't become a square though)
5. become some sort of activist (against bad weather?)
6. get voted off a reality show (shouldn't be nice?)
7. get a physical (sounds like I'd need to look into the mirror)
8. just be a happy nut!
9. volunteer more
10. bungee jump (be aware not to eat before that please)

January 2, 2008

milan, a year ago

Dino and I, were almost a year ago walking around Milan,
he was trying to show me some spots of this city to make me understand that there were something to see in this city that is way too unattractive. I don't really understand why I think so because I love Italy.

I found this picture that I took there in a beautiful sunny winter day.
The sculpture (Igor Mitoraj) is JUST there,
around the corner in a little piazza! Beautiful. So, as in the rest of Italy, you'll find something extraordinary even in Milan.

January 1, 2008

the first day of 2008

You can’t keep this going
You have to let it go…

That’s what I thought when your
text-message came soon after the midnight
and when the new year was already here
Not only you, but also everything that
had happened after you changed our lives
I asked my self, what it is this what I have to let go?

I did change things the last months
I did leave everything that I couldn't keep
in order to be my self again
And just my self—In order to
start a new year without
any hope or promises

What I have been doing the last time
is to let my history goes
To let go my feelings for people I once used to love
Or that I still love but,
that I have trite the traces
they left behind as much as I could

First the colors, then everything physical
and at last, the pictures
Why keeping things when you won’t be able
to take them with you when you leave,
said mother
And she was right

I came to my friend's house
(on the picture above)
to celebrate the New Year
that would in some hours be here,
to be with my friends
to say good-bye ...
and let it go