January 27, 2010

capturing a frozen nature

a foggy early morning had dressed the naked trees and the rest of the autumn with tiny glittering snowflakes transforming nature in a collection of patterns.

twigs, forgotten leaves, a stair, a fence.

everything changes shapes. it's a landscape in black and white where forms are as simple as geometry or sometimes, as music notes on a white sheet.

i took the pictures and then played with the forms to find patterns underneath.

January 11, 2010

sources of inspiration


we were talking about that
and we said that there is not any true way to find it
neither, is there a place to go to to get inspiration.

we do sometimes have a spa where we feel like it's easier
to communicate with deepest thoughts—but there is always the possibility that there nothing happens.

i find inspiration and images mostly without seeking 
the sources of it just happen to be there,
around the corner,
when walking,
running fast to get the bus or just
in your way to the gym on a cold, icy winter day.

it was then, when I was steering at the side walk to sort out the the ice spots trying not to slip down, when i saw something black on a concave white board and i have to go back to check what it was.

i couldn't realize what the things were
(the rest of a Christmas decoration?)
but the garbage reminded me a sculpture, something i saw in Venice's Biennial years ago—or was at Louisiana?

however i grab my iPhone and took a picture of the "sculpture" to be able to see what i could do with it—an illustration, part of a book on textures, things we don't see and so on.

the source of inspiration was found on the sidewalk among assorted garbage,
rests of Christmas decoration,
quite unexpected...

you just have to open your eyes and discover... see...

a frozen second

I never wanted to be my self.
Not even at the early years I accepted the person I was at that moment.
The memories that I have, tell me noting about being happy or having lust for anything.
Not even hope.
I never thought about having a future or how this future would be.
Everything was more like a frozen second of life,
the detention of the living moment,

I'm pretty aware that we live is a timeline that it's not connected with other moments other than with a memory and the capacity of making connections between those tiny images of life.

Since I have never accepted the facts of being my self, I have passed through this chain of dissolving moments
waiting for nothing,
forcing my self to have hope
even when I know that the hope I have is just an invention
an image put together with pieces of nothing
a chain of frozen seconds without connection ...