August 10, 2008

a sign

Suddenly came today to my thoughts a sign that it was in my room in London while I was studying there. I rented this room from a girl from South Africa while she was on vacations abroad so I had her furniture and everything she had carried from home. between them, she had this sign that attracted my curiosity because it wasn’t just sweet in its naivety but, it told much more than that. It had a kind of warmth and something we all need everyday, a feeling of being part of a community and the necessity of being recognize and acknowledged—the childish figures show what you get when you have a kind gesture.
I felt welcome and home in that room in a house with people coming from different countries and environments, with nothing more in common but the fact that we were design students at the same college.

the sign was made by South African school children, back in the late -80s

August 4, 2008


and when I saw your face with staring eyes
and drops of sweat running down your forehead
I understood that you were about to tell me something
that I wouldn’t like, that it would change my life
and state of mind for a long time

I didn’t want to see you there
I didn’t want to hear what you have done
what you have to say or what you have to explain
there was nothing to explain anymore

And the only thing that I regretted was, that I believed in you
And that I gave you my love and my self, in a way
so, please, not excuses, not tears, not apologizes
I’ll probably be able to forget but not to forgive...

(photo: from a performance of göteborgsoperan ballet
at vitabergsparken, stockholm, august 3, 2008)