December 9, 2009


a walk in the late autumn light in the afternoon
weather is bad, cold and damp
suddenly by the time the sunset starts
a beautiful golden light illuminate some tops of the skyline
becoming a beautiful combination of black and white
with a touch of bright colors
like in a scene or a dream...

August 27, 2009


... and then, I couldn't stop thinking about a picture I had done a couple of years ago that was aimed to show the feeling of belonging and tenderness that sometimes if we are lucky enough, can experience.

... to get the feeling of hearing the rhythm of the one who we love, breathing and see the beautiful expression of a face when sleeping peacefully in our arms and contemplate the closed eyelids slightly slightly moving, seeing hopefully, wonderful landscapes, multiple shades of colours, moonbeams touching the surface of the water or the first rays of light on a cold morning day

... feeling the warmth that's coming from two embraced naked bodies and all your senses getting fulfilled with a perfect connection that hardly can be expressed neither in words or shapes ... you see your self, shivering of pleasure and you wish that you were a poet to be able to translate into words what you just have felt.

[picture: the Cullbergsballet dancing a piece of "position of elsewhere" 22/8/09 at Vitabergsparken in Stockholm]

August 7, 2009

a casa

I'm listening the tones of an enchanted aria of Puccini's 'Madama Butterfly' and not because of the words (which are really sad) but because of the beauty of the italian language that I'm thinking of my last stay in Rome.

I have been editing the pictures I captured there and trying to feel again the pulse of the city. The colors of the earth and the nature that come together in an explosion of shades that make you feel alive and inexplicable glad. A joy of being alive that I seldom manage to find somewhere else and less, to feel it in my self.

I was lucky to be placed at Trastevere, between the small streets, fountains, churches, restaurants, bars and people! This is the key to understand why you get those feelings: people. They are sitting by a bar, enjoying a coffee, a 'pasta', food and each other and that's the secret.

Pictures and pictures of some of the places I was to,
and then a simple one that shows just a door.
an old one, quite anonymous, Via del Moro 41-42 in Trastevere,
the entrance to the house i stayed in when I was in Rome
—a casa (at home)

July 28, 2009

l'umiltà è una virtù

1 humility, humbleness: l'umiltà è una virtù humility is a virtue; pregare Dio con tutta umiltà to beg God with all humility, to pray God with all humility.
2 (qualità di ciò che è umile) humbleness, modesty, unpretentiousness: l'umiltà di una casa the unpretentiousness of a house; umiltà di origini humbleness of birth, low birth, modest origins.
3 (sottomissione) humility, submissiveness.
(dizionario di inglese, corriere della sera;

well, just in Rome
I took the picture two weeks ago, my friend and I found this magnificent car, a Lamborghini, parked on "humility road" as you can read on the sign on the wall :-)

April 29, 2009

the maker makes

One more chain I break
To get me closer to you
One more chain does the maker make
To keep me from bustin' through

One more notch I scratch
To keep me thinkin' of you

One more notch does the maker make
Upon my face so blue

Get along, little doggies
Get along, little doggies

One more smile I fake
And try my best to be glad
One more smile does the maker make
Because he knows I'm sad

Oh Lord, how I know
Oh Lord, how I see
That only can the maker make
A happy man of me

Get along little doggies
Get along little doggies
Get along

more than I would like to but I do remember you a lot.

rufus wainwright singing

April 17, 2009

life is a journey

life is a journey
(the by line of samsonite as the picture above)
after a couple a years living in the worst chaos ever in my life and this time totally alone I came to trust life again and everything seemed to fall in place and even when the expectations weren't the best the hope had come back.
life was quite good until everything started to fall apart ... again

you never think about the world wide economy but after the last fall of the stock market in the States reality has become suddenly not just something you see on CNN but a notice that remind you the thin line between being an active professional and a man in between jobs.

and not just that, but the whole picture, changes.
the journey has been given a new direction and at the same time it has stopped the time because it will mean that I'll be forced to stay in a place where I do not belong and, neither I know anyone for almost three more months!

as I said when talking to a friend, I have been in deeper shit in my life than now and somehow I have managed to turn the direction on, even when it has costed me pretty much strength and tears.

April 4, 2009

March 26, 2009

bruno munari

conservare lo spirito dell’infanzia

dentro di sé per tutta la vita

vuol dire conservare

la curiosità di conoscere

il piacere di capire

la voglia di comunicare.

preserve the spirit of the youth
inside you all your life,
i want to say,
preserve the curiosity of knowing
the joy of understanding
and the will of communicate

March 15, 2009

"when i walk" (musetta's waltz)

Quando me'n vò soletta per la via,

La gente sosta e mira

E la bellezza mia tutta ricerca in me,

ricerca in me
Da capo a pie' ...

Ed assaporo allor la bramosia
sottil che da
gl'occhi traspira
e dai palesi vezzi intender sa

Alle occulte beltà.

Cosi l’effluvio del desio tutta m'aggira,

felice mi fa, felice me fa!

E tu che sai, che memori e ti struggi

Da me tanto rifuggi?

So ben:
le angoscie tue non le vuoi dir,

non le vuoi dir so ben

Ma ti senti morir!

When I walk alone in the street
People stop and stare at me
And everyone looks at my beauty,
Looks at me,
From head to foot...
And then I relish the sly yearning
which escapes from their eyes
and which is able to perceive
my most hidden beauties.
Thus the scent of desire is all around me,
and it makes me happy, makes me happy!
And you who know, who remember and yearn
you shrink from me?
I know it very well:
you do not want to express your anguish,
I know so well that you do not want to express it
but you feel as if you are dying!

it's not just the music and the scene that attract me,
it's more than that.
It reminds me an encapsulated time of my life
and the last couples of decades in a pursue of self-confidence.
the text (and the music) shows what it is a characteristic
of the personality of a person that i think everyone has and feel;
the need of feeling that you are attractive,
that you can feel the "scent of desire..all around you" as Musetta sings,
because that means that you are alive and living life,
not just passing by,
not just waiting for something to happen,
just living.

March 6, 2009

at last!

that was the last dance,
I knew it from the very moment you just were by my door
and not being sure wether to get in or not.
you had become in two weeks time an estrange

you didn't belong here anymore
an odd moment
you were talking to me but not being there
a ghost already

i got a text from you at my birthday
i didn't get any feelings at all
i just sent a 'thanks' back and i know now that,
that time is over
free at last!

photo: skånes dansteater, vitabergsparken, 2008

i e truth

i didn't come here to hear the truth,
please lye to me for once.

February 5, 2009

in the middle of nowhere

and i was on the road again once more,
starting a new life in a new place and with not that much with me
the new apartment was nice but empty

i just had to go to Ikea to buy a carpet to cover the naked floor
i just can't stand being in a desert place specially when
the place is in a town in the middle of nowhere.

on the other hand i can't either be anywhere and let the things be as they are
i just have to make changes and try to create some sort of harmony and a sense of design
therefore, i took one of the few things i had with me
a chair, a lamp, a flash light my portfolio bag and a case whit CD:s
and arranged a sort of installation that makes me fell like i belong here