December 31, 2007


... and that was the last day
of a year that started with tears
and a sense of hopelessly

a year like a parenthesis
a life with not life in between
just surviving, waiting

with more than tears, more disappointments
more attacks against hope
against horizons, beliefs, necessity
necessity of joy and significance

just a time in between …

December 29, 2007

experimenting for saatchi

...and I wonder,
what's he doing?
is he dancing against the wall?
is he seeing things that I don't?
I leave the thoughts and make images
how will they become?
I don't know yet ... I'm lost

December 28, 2007

dear christopher,

It was very nice to hear that you got my
Christmas’ card.

I took the picture in Berlin, last time I was there.
Is the interior of the famous Kaiser Willhelm Church
or better, the new construction after WW2
“the new octagonal church,
—the interior with its atmosphere of peace
and meditation and the intense blue light falling
through the honeycomb of concrete windows"
is an extraordinary experience.

The first thing I do when I’m in Berlin is to go to this church
and I sit there in silence and just feel the ‘presence’
of the blue colors and the golden light of the
sculpture of Christ floating on this blue light..

December 26, 2007

christmas' eve

One step through the doors and I was in another world
Just candle lights and the voice of three Byzantine monks
singing in accords with deep voices.
I found a place where to sit and I closed my eyes
and the time went back to what we think
the 18th century was in a church in Russia.

It was Christmas’ Eve and the midnight mass.
People waiting, whispering—hardly noticing
the beautiful Gregorian’s chants.
I think that they didn’t know that priest had change the
program and this year wouldn’t become as the year before.
Then, half eleven pm the bells started ringing and the mass began.
The lectures combined with psalms sang by a choir
that enhanced the feeling of togetherness.
I thought of the people I love who weren’t there
sharing with me this moment and the ones that weren’t there
because they had chosen to put an invisible wall of betray between us.
I didn’t feel sorry for me,
I have probably built this life by my self
but never the less, I felt lonely.

December 21, 2007

December 19, 2007

if ...

I’m hearing in every store the sound of old Christmas’ songs.

"Coming Home for Christmas" had never had a meaning to me
and with the years living as a foreigner, not even the crowds at the shops, affect me.
I just don’t get any feeling,
either sadness or stress because I’ve succeeded
in keeping me outside the Christmas' stress and
don’t be distressed because
I don’t have anyone special to buy a present to.

Every friend I have is telling me all the time
about the meaning of living
and the necessity of being thankful and joyful.
But I have difficulties to see why.
You think many times that’s better to think
of what you can do for the others,
independent of what you are doing or who you are helping to.
Though, many times during the last years,
I have been taken for granted
and then everything, had turned up to be at last my own fault
—if the time comes when I have nothing left to give.
Nobody either thanks or tell me how glad they have become.
They just go away without any explanation forgetting
how much they had told me that they loved me.
I don’t want to be bitter.
I just want to find happiness
inside my self and wait for my turn
... if ever comes ...

December 16, 2007

flying again

To reconcile my self once again with joy
to be able to fly and feel my self weightless,
glad without needing you for giving me the reason
for being, for laughing, for existing…

December 15, 2007

empty glasses

I got the glasses as a Christmas' present
(Our first Christmas together)

I looked at them today and I realized that they
had lost theirs meaning
They are now just empty glasses
That can’t awake sad feelings of betray
Neither can they awake joy or hope or future
They have not attached sense anymore
They have become insignificant things
Just empty glasses

December 8, 2007


It was my last evening in Rome last year and in the most beautiful sunset I went to an operatic concert in the atrium of the church. They would play La Bohème.

The warm breeze and the short distance between the public and the singers created an special atmosphere. I was able to hear every word they sang and see theirs faces that showed empathy with the meaning of what they felt. Tears, laugh, smile, desire, impotence, pain and the most beautiful Musetta I ever heard and seen…
[click on the headline and you'll hear the famous "waltz of musetta"]

by the ocean

... and that day by the shore
we were playing like children
the sand felt soak under our feet
and we were near each other
and we played once again,
the sand was wet and cold
but we were filled with those feelings
that we always have shared in silence...

December 7, 2007

chairs and design

My former professor told me when we were talking about furniture design and chairs in particular that design is always related to a function and the function to the human body

We were talking about things that are art or design.
They are of course different.
If you design a chair you have to think that there is only one way to sit on it in
—order to get a proper rest, work, listen to music and so on.

The thing is that you can transform as much as you want the colors, materials, forms but you can’t transform the human body—not for the next trend or season anyway.

There are functional chairs (and many, really beautiful ones) and chairs made as a work of art.
They are not for sitting they are sculptures
Just for the eye.

December 6, 2007

posters for an exhibition

I got an invitation to be part of an exhibition last September.
I did not panic because I never do
but I had a problem because it had past a time since
I worked for a show and neither I wanted
to have the same old things at the gallery.

I found out after a while that I would design posters,
not for announcing anything especial
but poster as an art expression.

I illustrated words both with typography and the human body.
I like very much the shapes of a beautiful body and most of all,
the things that you are able to tell through a gesture, colors,
intensity and feelings, well, if you are good enough to translate
and catch those terms with your camera and different elements.
(on the picture, eight posters, mixed technique)

December 4, 2007


… And I said, “you have such a fine body (a deep sigh!), do you work out often?
… No, I don’t he said. I’m only play squash with my buddies sometimes.
What a hell! I thought and look at me, the one that go to the gym to work out, being always on diets, sweating the hell out of me, and nothing…
… but he said that I had a nice body when at the same time he embraced me and pull me against his body (did he need eyeglasses?) so I could feel his chest against mine and I thought that when you miss something you get it in a way or another in these times of outsourcing and entrepreneurial thinking … and I got the chance of enjoying this perfect and beautiful body and the fact that he thought that I also was beautiful and pretty … well, life is not always a bitch.

Dear Alex,
Why must a window display become such a monstrosity?
Panettone, sliced and studded with diamonds....surrounded by shoes.
Milan: The World of Luxury.

A van rushed past me. "Attention: Cashmere in Transport"
Well, I certainly paid attention.

And on the way home, I passed a man, clearly homeless.
He was asking for money, of course, and using a
Louis Vuitton bag to collect it.

This is luxury?