April 29, 2009

the maker makes

One more chain I break
To get me closer to you
One more chain does the maker make
To keep me from bustin' through

One more notch I scratch
To keep me thinkin' of you

One more notch does the maker make
Upon my face so blue

Get along, little doggies
Get along, little doggies

One more smile I fake
And try my best to be glad
One more smile does the maker make
Because he knows I'm sad

Oh Lord, how I know
Oh Lord, how I see
That only can the maker make
A happy man of me

Get along little doggies
Get along little doggies
Get along

more than I would like to but I do remember you a lot.

rufus wainwright singing

April 17, 2009

life is a journey

life is a journey
(the by line of samsonite as the picture above)
after a couple a years living in the worst chaos ever in my life and this time totally alone I came to trust life again and everything seemed to fall in place and even when the expectations weren't the best the hope had come back.
life was quite good until everything started to fall apart ... again

you never think about the world wide economy but after the last fall of the stock market in the States reality has become suddenly not just something you see on CNN but a notice that remind you the thin line between being an active professional and a man in between jobs.

and not just that, but the whole picture, changes.
the journey has been given a new direction and at the same time it has stopped the time because it will mean that I'll be forced to stay in a place where I do not belong and, neither I know anyone for almost three more months!

as I said when talking to a friend, I have been in deeper shit in my life than now and somehow I have managed to turn the direction on, even when it has costed me pretty much strength and tears.

April 4, 2009